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News of our foundation

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Every day, volunteers and employees of the “Yardem” Foundation deliver lunch boxes with free lunches to those in need. These are blind, deaf, people with cerebral palsy and various health restrictions, poor and single pensioners, large families, WWII veterans, mothers with children with disabilities. And for each recipient - support in the form of dinners - is significant and important.
Entrepreneur Khaidar Kamaletdinov became a volunteer of the campaign "Road of Life", which is carried out by the “Yardem” Foundation. Participating in the delivery of lunch boxes with free lunches from the very beginning of the action, Khaidar brought his family to this business.
Almost from the very beginning, volunteer Karina Dogan participated in it. Every day she, like other volunteers, as well as employees of the “Yardem” Foundation, delivers lunch boxes with free lunches to those in need. And for each recipient - support in the form of dinners - is significant and important.
The deputy of the State Duma of the seventh convocation Irek Zinnurov visited the “Yardem” foundation complex. A member of the State Duma Committee on the Affairs of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Eurasian Integration and Relations with Compatriots brought a box with medical masks for volunteers of the "Road of Life" campaign.
The well-known host of celebrations in Kazan, Amir Ahmadishin, often happens in the “Yardem” mosque. The campaign "Road of Life", according to him, is timely and deserves support. Do not remain indifferent, Amir calls.
There are tons of ways to make the world a better place. From the simplest thing - to smile at the passerby, to the heroic one - to become a volunteer, donor, rescuer or doctor. All our actions are reflected, as if in a mirror, even, it would seem, the most insignificant. Any, even the smallest and most insignificant good deed has enormous power. The person who received help during the difficult period of his life remembers this for many years. Selfless help fills every day with meaning. And everything returns with a boomerang - bad and good, such is the law of life. Feel free to do good deeds! Good always comes back to you! ...
Kazan screenwriter Renat Khabibullin has repeatedly made documentary and presentation films about the “Yardem” Foundation and knows a lot about his social activities.
The team of the “Yardem” National Islamic Charitable Foundation and the “Yardem” Mosque sincerely congratulate Ilham Fathirahmanovich on his birthday and wish you and your family happiness, prosperity, prosperity, inexhaustible energy, strength and health.
The “Yardem” Foundation complex was visited by famous athletes - Emil Garipov, Albert Yarullin and Rinat Fakhretdinov. If Emil and Albert are known as hockey players, then Rinat Fakhretdinov is an MMA fighter, he is the world champion in professional combat sambo among power structures.
Representatives of the voluntary movement “Good House” decided not to stand aside and contribute to the campaign of the “Yardem” Foundation “Road of Life”. The guys from the “Good Home” provide social assistance to people left homeless or working, helping those who find themselves in difficult life situations.