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News of our foundation

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The pupils of 3rd grades of 55th secondary school of Moskovskiy district in Kazan has visited the “ZurKazan” typography under the “Yardem” foundation as a part of “Week of meta subject”, which is connected with the theme of “Role of the books in children’s life”.
The educational program for rehabilitants of “Yardem foundation (disabled people on wheelchair, people with the disease of musculoskeletal system and with cerebral palsy), who pass the comprehensive rehabilitation on “Support each other project”, includes courses of psycho-emotional support. Some courses are already passed.
The Mufti Social Advisor of RT Ildar khazrat Bayazitov, the president of National Islamic Charitable Foundation of “Yardem” foundation Ismagilov Ilgam Fathirakhmanovich, the director of education rehabilitation centre Malika Rafkatovna Gelmutdinova, the imam of the “Yardem” mosque Rafis khazrat Sayfullin visited CF-5 of Sviyazhsk city. The colony number 5 differentiates from others with the presence of the mosque on the territory, which is visited more than 200 Muslims.
In the banquet tent of “Yardem” foundation passed the dinner, which continued the series of event dedicated to the Mavlid an-Nabi, the birthday of Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).
The financing of “Support each other” project by presidential grant officially starts from November 2019 and ends in December 2020. Within the project on grant’s facilities, teaching and rehabilitation for 5 groups (about 100 from different regions of Russia) are supposed. The accommodation, food, passing the training program and, if necessary, for their accompanying is made free of charge.
In education rehabilitation centre of National Islamic Charitable Foundation “Yardem” started another two-week “Support each other” social project courses of rehabilitation. These courses these courses are for people with cerebral palsy, disabled people on the wheelchair and for those who have different diseases in the musculoskeletal system. This time more than 30 people with accompanier has moved in. Besides the Tatarstan inhabitants, to the centre the residents of Ulyanovsk, Cheboksar and Saint-Petersburg have come.

II World Tolerance Summit is timed to International day of tolerance, which annually celebrates 16
November in recognition of the concept of tolerance as a language of mutual understanding and
dialogue. The event passes under the auspices of vice president, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai His
Highness sheikh Mohammed ben Rashid Al Maktuma, and it’s dedicated to the topic of  “Tolerance in
multiculturalism: achievement in social, economic and humane benefits in tolerant world”.

The Chairman of the Board of the National Islamic Chatitable Foundation “Yardem”, Ildar hazrat Bayazitov was awarded for public badge of honor “FOR GOOD”.
The “Ladoshki order” is a unique Russian project, where pupils participate by giving their votes for adult candidates, that have done a lot for children and childhood protection. The project is supported by the Public Council under the Ministry of education of Saratov region and regional Ombudsman. The project authors are psychologist Sergey Saratovskiy and regional ombudsmen Tatyana Zagorodnaya.

Today in the Public Chamber took place first organisational meeting of the Public Oversight of Tatarstan. During the meeting representatives of society got mandates to free visiting of special institutions, also the management of committee was elected. Thus in Tatarstan the new membership of Public Oversight committee was formed.