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News of our foundation

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In the 18th of December the chairman of Public Chamber of the Supervisory Commission of RT, Azat Gaynutdinov, together with the members of the PMC – Ildar Bayazitov (the Social Advisor of Tatarstan mufti and Board Chairman of “Yardem” foundation) and Malika Gelmutdinova (vice president of “Yardem” foundation) – took part in the work of “Direct Conversation” session in videoconferencing mode, organized by Federal Penitentiary Service of Russian Federation.
Yesterday, in 19th day of Rabi al-Akhir (16th December), in the Bulgarian Islamic Academy the seminar “Imam’s work in the places of imprisonment” took place. The seminar was opened with the participation of Ildar hazrat Bayazitov (Imam-muhtasib of Moscovskiy and Kirovskiy districts, Chairman of Board of the “Yardem”foundation), Ildar Galiev (Chief of Staff of the Anti-Terrorism Commission of Tatarstan), Rafael Davleyev (Chef Assistant of FSIN of Tatarstan), Azat Haynutdinov (director of Autonomous Nonprofit Organization).
Yesterday within a Decade of disabled people, which started in Kazan from the 1st December, in the “Yardem” foundation marquee has passed the charity dinner to the disabled people. Today the representatives of different disabled society – visually impaired people, deaf, disabled on the wheelchair, people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system and with cerebral palsy, the members of disabled society of Yudino – has come to dinner.
The compilation was presented to the guests, this compilation includes projects of the best practice in Kazan. The project of National Islamic Charitable Foundation “Yardem” (“to see and hear by heart” the project on rehabilitation of sightless people) was included in the compilation.
“The rehabilitation centre of “Yardem” foundation became a family for me. And not just for me. Probably, everybody will agree with me. For me the “Yardem” foundation associates with the mosaic. Because the mosaic takes shape from small pieces. All of people sitting here is that piece. So from these pieces friendly, family, warm mosaic got together.” – said our rehabilitant Artem Mironov from Petersburg on solemn closing of courses in “Support each other” project, which recently won the grant of RF President. By the way, the family theme sounded several times that day.
The November was eventful: the courses of rehabilitation of “Talking Hands” for hearing impaired was ended; the courses for people on wheelchair and people with the cerebral palsy was opened on “Support each other” project; the press conference took place, dedicated to “Yardem” foundation getting the new grant of President of Russian Federation; in the tent of foundation two dinners took place, dedicated to Mavlid-An-Nabi, the birthday of the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him.
The autumn is on the streets. And the winter is not that far. It’s dull… But our rehabilitant, which passes the course of rehabilitation under the “Support each other” project, have warm at heart, and the flowers are blooming.
On every check-in of rehabilitation courses of “Support each other” project the people wanting to comprehend the basics of programming is quite a lot, this check-in is not an exception. In the group, the rehabilitants of different computer knowledge level is gathered.
The art-therapy is good for its availability to everyone, and it is able to fill the life with joy – says psychologist and teacher of art-therapy, Alexandra Yusupova. The aim of the art-therapy is to give vent to deep emotional experience, to free consciousness and soul, to fill with the positive emotional resources. The courses of psycho-emotional support takes an important place in “Support each other” project of “Yardem” foundation.
In education-rehabilitation program of “Support each other” project of “Yardem” foundation the special attention is given to learning games, to the holding tournaments on chess and checkers. The special module is compiled for learning games and holding sport games for disabled people.