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News of our foundation

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The “Yardem” complex was visited by representatives of the United Arab Emirates Embassy in Russia - Ahmed Saeed Alketby, First Secretary of the Consul, Head of the Department of Economics and Trade, and Shaat Khaisam Hamed, Public Relations Specialist. The guests were met by the president of the National Islamic Charitable Foundation "Yardem" Ilham Ismagilov.
As part of a business trip to the Republic of Tatarstan, the “Yardem” Foundation complex was visited by the rector of the University named after Muhammad V in Abu Dhabi, Professor Farouk Mahmoud Hamad and his assistant Rashed Al-Menhali. The guests were met by the president of the National Islamic Charitable Fund "Yardem" Ilham Ismagilov.
Practice shows that the courses are very popular among blind and visually impaired people, because here you can get not only social and rehabilitation services, but also spiritual and moral support, this is the uniqueness of this project.
Today, in the building of the Yardem National Islamic Charitable Fund, the first meeting of the Public Observatory Commission of the Republic of Tatarstan in 2020 was chaired by Azat Gainutdinov. At it, Ilnur Satdinov was elected deputy chairman of the Public Monitoring Commission of the Republic of Tatarstan.
The project “See and hear with your heart” is the largest project of the Yardem Foundation, which is aimed at helping the blind and visually impaired.
The December issues of the video magazine of the “Yardem” National Islamic Charity Foundation in Russian and Tatar were released. The December issues of the video magazine of the “Yardem” charity foundation are dedicated to the results of 2019. Historical events for the foundation are also noted and the opinions of guests are heard in it.
Charity fund for helping children “Future Generation” within the realization of project “Children’s creative adaptation platform “Orange” in the NICF “Yardem”’s tent held children’s fair. The event was supported by National Charitable Foundation “Yardem”.
The managers of the NICF “Yardem” – Ildar khazrat Bayazitov (Mufti’s Social Advisor of the Tatarstan, the Board Chairman of “Yardem” foundation), Ilgam Ismagilov (President of the “Yardem” foundation) and Malika khanum Gelmutdinova (Director of the Rehabilitation Centre of the NICF “Yardem”) – visited detention facilities and correctional institutions of the Tatarstan as a part of PMC RT.
Aynur Azatovich worked for a long time for the benefits of the Foundation and for all categories of the people in need, “Yardem” dealing with. He recommended himself as a good specialist, leader faithful to the ideas of social service.
In the MIA of the Tatarstan took place Public Council meeting at the MIA of the Tatarstan. Alexey Zavgorodnev, the Deputy Minister of the Interior for the RT, major general of internal service participated in its (Public Council’s) work.