Foundation “Yardem”
4a Serova str., Kazan
version for the visually impaired

The national Islamic
Foundation “Yardem”

We are handling with the rehabilitation of disabled persons, keep our house for children “Family Hearth”. We cure addicted people, support Islamic mass-media. We organize regular courses for social workers, for adoptive parents and Koran learners.

Our projects

Blind and people with a small visual impairment, people with wheelchairs, people with Dawn’s syndrome and cerebral palsy, deaf and deafblind.

Children house “family hearth” and building pension for boys from troubled families.

Accommodation for large poor families, zakyat and gushur, Kurban meat, carrying out iftars, support prisoners.

Drug, alcohol and game addictions. Detoxification, rehabilitation of addicted, coding.

Courses for social workers, adoptive parents teaching, and courses of learning Koran.

Permanent providing work of some Islamic publication on different languages.

They support us